15+ Best Retirement Wishes for Woman

Best Retirement Wishes for Woman

When an old woman in your life is going to retire, send her one of these retirement wishes that were beautifully crafted by our special team.

Be it mom, grandma, aunt, a friend, or a colleague, you will find the message that will fit the bill and go directly to touch her heart with your emotional or even funny words.

You can thank her for being in your life, for being a great colleague, or for being a great mom. Tell her that she deserves this break after many long years of working hard. Let’s see.

Heart-Touching Retirement Wishes for Woman

  1. I will forever miss our breakfast tables and the food you used to bring to work. You are not just a great cook; you are an amazing colleague as well. Now, as you retire, I wish you a life filled with peace and comfort. Happy Retirement!
  2. Congratulations to one of the greatest women I have ever known on retirement! It’s your own time; enjoy it, and don’t let anything touch your peace of mind.

Congratulations to one of the greatest women I have ever known on retirement! It's your own time; enjoy it, and don't let anything touch your peace of mind.

  1. The office is a desert without you. Happy Retirement!
  2. I don’t know what are the best words to say to congratulate you on retirement, but really, you are the luckiest here. Finally, no more work issues and no more orders; just comfort, peace, and fun.
  3. It is always hard for us to have time for shopping and hanging out like those young girls around. Guess what!! You get a lifetime license to have fun with these seven-day weekends. Now, no limits for whatever you do. Happy retirement!
  1. Congratulations on your retirement! I hope your first cup of coffee after retirement will remind you of our coffee breaks at work. I will miss you so much.
  2. Do you know why I am jealous? Because you will have time for everything you love, from enjoying your morning breakfast to playing with your grandkids. Being a grandma is a blessing, and your time wasn’t enough for you to enjoy such a blessing. Now, count the things you love and start them one by one. Happy retirement!
  3. Every time my daughter asks me to visit her and I don’t have the time for that, I wish to retire. That’s why I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your retirement. From now on, you are free to go everywhere and visit your loved ones at any time. Enjoy your time, no matter what.
  4. Working hard only leads to success, and your retirement is the best success one can get after it all. No gift is greater than the gift of comfort, peace, and having time for everything. Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations on living without a boss in your life from now on! Congratulations on never working under pressure anymore! Congratulations on the ultimate freedom!
  6. You did your best throughout your career, so I wish you only the best for your retirement. Enjoy your stress-free life.
  7. Thank you for giving me the chance to work with such a wonderful woman. Your guidance and ideas were like a torch for me. Now, you deserve to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.
  8. It was a pleasure working under your leadership, my boss lady. Only God knows how we will perform the best without you. Happy retirement!
  9. After years of hard working, you deserve to enjoy being a mother, a grandmother, and a friend as well. You just need to be happy, so enjoy your retirement.
  10. Congratulations, mom! May your retirement be filled with happiness, comfort, and much time with us. Waiting to see you soon.

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