20+ Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

Make your friend smile over reading a good morning text from you.

How can you do this? That’s simple; our exceptional list of funny good morning messages for friends will inspire you to find a humorous way to turn your friend’s gloomy face into a cheerful one.

The collection includes quotes for male and female friends. You can even impress your best friend with your unexpected sense of humor. 😁 All jokes aside, let’s take a look.

Funny Good Morning Texts for Friends

  1. Good Morning to one of the snoring champions! Which symphony did you give your neighbors last night?

Good Morning to one of the snoring champions! Which symphony did you give your neighbors last night?

  1. Good Morning to my friend who never wakes up early! I’m sure you will read my message later at night.
  2. Wishing you good luck for a new day, so you will be able to have a cup of coffee without spilling it. Good Morning, Dear!
  3. Surprise! I got some smiles this morning, do you want to wear one? If so, get ready for one of our amazing adventures. Good morning!
  1. There are only a few people who can be funny before the sun comes up; I’m so lucky I have one of them as a friend. Rise and shine, dude.
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue. Looking for some shopping, what about you?
  3. Good Morning, my friend! Just thinking about hanging out with you gives me the same energy boost as a delicious breakfast. Can’t wait to see you soon!
  4. Good Morning to my friend whose selfies never end!
  5. If you run under the sun, your fun will quickly be outrun. Just in case, shield yourself with sunscreen.
  6. Good morning to my friend whose sense of humor is as awesome as the first sip of coffee.
  7. Wake up and call the cops!!! Your morning coffee got mugged!!!
  8. Good Morning to my friend who hates early alarms. Oops!!! My mistake.
  9. Hi there! Looks like you’ve broken the snooze button record this morning! Time to wake up. Good Morning!
  10. You always impress me with the way you conquer the day with a smile. Really, what’s your secret? (Is it a magic potion?)
  11. Smile is the best medicine in the world, so what about a smile while drinking your favorite coffee? Wake up to catch the train.
  12. May your day be filled with as much happiness as one million cups of coffee can make.
  13. [Whatsapp Status] My heartiest greetings to my friends who never sleep. Where are you guys?
  14. [Group of friends] I remembered this morning how blessed I am to have such a good group of friends who are perfect partners-in-crime.
  15. I’m wondering, what is the best way to kickstart my day? Annoying you with a notification, obviously. You’re welcome, bestie. Have a fantastic day!
  16. Good Morning, my friend! Hope your day is as bright as the sun, but not as hot as it is.

Last Updated on May 28, 2024

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