10+ Powerful Islamic Prayers for Healing

Islamic Prayers for Healing

Welcome to our touching list of the most powerful Islamic prayers for healing.

Strong faith and belief in Allah are crucial for healing. And when everything fails to heal, God can heal every pain and change everything from its worst version to its best.

So, when an illness strikes you or someone dear to you happens to be struggling with the disease in their bed or in a hospital, the shortest path to treatment is to pray for healing and recovery and plead with God Almighty for health and well-being.

The following list includes the best Islamic prayers for healing and ways to ask God for healing. Even if you need verses and dua for shefa in Arabic, I included the best verses to read from the Quran and translated the Islamic prayer below to help you say them in Arabic, but with English letters.

Best Islamic Prayers for Healing

These are the most powerful dua for shifa when it comes to your pain and illness.

  1. O Allah, reward me for my calamity and give me something better than it. Asking you for healing.
    In Arabic:
    “Allah-omma agerny fee moseebaty, wakhlofny khayran menha.”
  2. O Allah, grant me strength and complete shifa.
    It means: “Ya rab emnahny elkowa wal shifa”

O Allah, grant me strength and complete shifa.

  1. The pain has reached its peak, so Lord, please heal me and grant me the strength to endure until I am healed by your grace and generosity.
    Arabic translation:
    “Lakad wasalal alam madah, faya rabby alegny wamnahny elkowa leta7ammol alalam hatta oshfa befadleka wakaramek.”
  2. [After Death] O Allah, ease my grief. He/She was everything in my life, please help me live without him/her.
    Meaning: “Ya rab khafef hozny fakad kana kol shay’ fi hayati. sa’edny okmel hayati bedoneh.”
  3. Your healing is all I need. O Allah, remove the harm and return my smile to me. I still need to go on for me and my family. Give me the strength.
    It means:
    “Shefaoka howa kol ma ahtagoh. Ya rab azel eldor wa’ed lee basmaty, Fa’na mazelto fi haga lel estemrar men agl aaelati. emnahny elkowa.”

Islamic Prayer for Someone’s Healing

If you want to pray for the recovery of a friend or a family member, the following ways can help you say the right words.

  1. O Allah, mend my mom’s broken spirit
    Meaning: “Ya rab ogbor rooh ommy almonkasera.”
  2. My father is my life. Please God heal him and grant him strength and good health.
    Meaning: “Abi howa hayaty. ya rabi eshfehi wamnaho elknowa walseha.”
  3. O Allah, protect my child from the evil eye.
    It means: “Ya rab ehmy ebny mn elayn alsherera”
  4. O Allah, heal my friend’s wounds. She can’t even endure the pain, so please help her.
    Arabic: “Ya rab eshfy gorouh sadekaty, faheya la tastatee’ hata tahammolel alam, fasa’dha ya rab.”
  5. O Allah, help me overcome my trials and stop my baby’s pain.
    Arabic translation: “Ya rab sa’edny fel taghalob ala mehnaty wa awkef alam tefly.”

Common Verses and Duas Used for Healing

Ayat al-Shifa (The Healing Verse):

  • Surah Al-Fatihah (1:1-7)
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (2:255): It is called “Ayat-ul-Kursi
  • Surah Al-Ikhlas (112:1-4)
  • Surah Al-Falaq (113:1-5)
  • Surah An-Naas (114:1-6).

Du’a for Healing (Shifa): “Allahumma rabba annasi, mozhibal ba’si, ishfi anta’sh-shafi, la shafi ella anta, shifa’an la yughadiru saqaman”:

Translation: “O Allah, Lord of mankind, affliction remover, send down cure and healing, for no one can cure except You; cure that leaves no illness.”

Finally, I hope you found your way to ask Allah for healing. Maybe all prayers look the same, but it is up to you to choose the words you need to say to God according to the pain you are going through.

I hope you enjoyed reading our short list of Islamic prayers for healing. Don’t forget to share it, as there are many Muslims in non-Muslim countries who need to read this.

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